Rolando Colla

author, director
1957born in Schaffhausen, son of Italian immigrants
1977citizenship in Zurich. A-levels, type B (literature)
since 1976active in the film business as screenwriter, actor and production manager (mainly with twin brother Fernando)
since 1983active in the industrial and educative film business as script writer and director(several awards, among others prize-holder of the EDI federal competition for the best industrial and commercial films in 1988,1995, 1999, 2000)
1984foundation of production company Peacock
1985licenciate in German studies and Romance languages at the University of Zurich
since 2000member of Swiss Association of Film Directors ARF/FDS

2002 to 2014lecturer at the EICTV International Cinema and Television school in Cuba
since 2012member of the European Film Academy
since 2020lecturer at the CISA (Locarno)
1979-84Scriptwriter and leading actor in "Fiori d'autunno" (16mm, feature, 70 min) by Fernando Colla and in "L'Alba" (16mm, feature, 82 min.) by Fernando Colla; Scriptwriter and production manager for "Onore e riposo" (16 mm documentary, 48 min.) by Fernando Colla
1993-94"JAGDZEIT"(Hunting season), 35mm feature, 40 min. (author, director) - 1st Prize "Léopard de demain", International Filmfestival Locarno 1994 - Main Prize of the Jury for the best professional film and Audience Prize, International Filmfestival "Alpinale", Bludenz (A), 1994 - Audience Prize for the best film, Intern. Festival Wilhelmshaven (D) 1994 - Main Prize of the "Coummunauté française de Belgique", Internat.Festival Namur (B) 1995
1996-98"LE MONDE A L’ENVERS" (The world turned upside down), 35mm feature, 100 min., (author, director) - "Premio Solinas 1997 (best script - Italy) - Prix du meilleur film „jeune cinéma“, Jury des jeunes, Festival international de Locarno (CH) 1998 World Sales: Intermedia Arc Pictures, London Theatrical distribution in Switzerland: Filmcooperative Zürich, Theatrical distribution Italy: Fandango Distribuzione Theatrical distribution in France: Euro Zoom Theatrical distribution in Belgium: Coopérative du nouveau cinéma, Theatrical, tv and pay tv distribution in Taiwan Spring TV in Switzerland: TSI, SF1, Releclub TV in Italy: Telepiù TV in Slovenia: RTV
World Sales: Intermedia Arc Pictures, London.
1999"EINSPRUCH" (Objection), 35mm short film, 4 min. (author, director), Theatrical distribution in Switzerland: Filmcooperative Zürich, World Sales: Swiss short film agency broadcasted on Swiss Television SF1 Festivals: Solothurner Filmtage (Switzerland), Filmvideo Montecatini (Italy), Cinefestival Lausanne (Switzerland), Annecy cinéma italien, Festival intern. du film d'Amiens, Quartz-Festival de Brest (competition "Cocotte minute"), Intern. Short film festival Berlin (competition), Competition Festival Alpeadria Cinema, Trieste (Italy) 2001, Short Cuts Köln, 2001, Internationale Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2000 (Internat. Wettbewerb)
2001"EINSPRUCH II" (Objection II), 35mm short film, 7 min. (author, director), - 3rd Prize Shortfilmfestival Burgdorf 2002 - Honourable MentionKurzfilmfestival Berlin - Special Mentionder Jugendjury, Regensburger Kruzfilmtage - Special Mention Film Festival Montecatini 2002 - Nomination for Swiss Film Prize 2002. Theatrical distribution in Switzerland: Filmcooperative Zürich, World Sales: Swiss short film agency and Interfilm Berlin TV Switzerland: SF1 TV Germany/France: ARTE TV Spain: RTV Espana TV Dnmark: Danmarsk TV TV USA: Short List (San Diego) Festivals: Clermont-Ferrand (F, competition), Tampere (Finnland, competition), Shortfilmfestval Berlin (D- competition), Torino Filmfestival (I, competition), Vila do Conde (Portugal- competition), Shortfilmfestival Amsterdam, Filmfestival Rotterdam, "Alpeadria cinema" von Trieste (I, competition), "Festival du Film de Paris" (F, competition), Sao Paulo (Brasil), Festival di Locarno: Pardi di domani/Cinéaste du présent, Brief encounters Bristol (UK), Filmfest Dresden etc.
2002"OLTRE IL CONFINE" (Across the border), feature film, 35mm, ca. 105 min., (author and director), in coproduction with Micla Film, Italy. With the Support of EURIMAGES, Teleclub, Ministry of Culture Italy and Switzerland, Programme MEDIA of European Union, Swiss Television/idée suisse, etc. Premiere: Filmfestival Locarno 2002: international competition Festivals: Festival Max-Ophüls-Preis (January 2003): internat. competition London Film Festival (November 2002): official selection Ljubljana Film Festival (November 2002): official selection Festival Internat. du Film d'Amour de Mons (Belgium, 2003) Festival Alpeadria cinema, Trieste: opening event (Italy, '03) Awards: Special jury award", Filmfestival Max-Ophüls-Preis 2003 Prix Cinéfemme and Prix Art & Essai C.I.C.A.E., Festival du FIlm d'Amour, Mons (B) Award for outstanding quality, by the Federal Office of Culture (DHA), Switzerland Theatrical disribution Switzerland: Filmcoopi Zürich Theatrical distribution Italy: Istituo Luce Theatrical distribution Bosnia: Art Company World Sales: Intramovies Roma. Release CH: 30.01.03
2002"EINSPRUCH III" (Objection III), 35mm short film, ca. 9 min. (author,director). Coproduction with Swiss Television DRS and Teleclub. World Sales: Swiss short film agency and Interfilm Berlin Theatrical disribution Switzerland: Filmcoopi Zürich Festivals: Kurzfilmtage Winterthur 2002: international competition Clermont-Ferrand 2003: international competition Rencontre du Court métrage de St. Benoît de la Réunion: international competition Awards: Prix Canal Plus, Clermont-Ferrand 2003. Nomination Swiss Film Prize 2004
2004"OPERAZIONE STADIVARI", TV film (author and director). Support: Programme MEDIA, Swiss Television TSI, Siwss Ministry of Culture and Teleproduktionsfonds.
Shortfilm "EINSPRUCH IV" (10 min.) by Rolando Colla, in coproduction with Swiss TV DRS and Teleclub. With the support of Filmfoundation Zurich.
2006"MARAMEO", (91 min.) tv-movie by Rolando Colla, with the support MEDIA compensatory measures, the Swiss Ministry of Culture and of Teleproduktions-Fonds. In coproduction with Swiss tv TSI. Broadcasted 5 times on Swiss tv in OV and dubbed versions in French and German. Premio del Jurado Joven por el Mejor Telefilm, Zoom TV Igualada, European Tvmovies Festival (Spain)
2007"EINSPRUCH V" (7 min.), by Rolando Colla. In coproduction with Swiss TV DRS. With the support of Swiss Ministry of Culture and Filmfoundation Zurich. Première: Locarno int. Film Festival (2007), section "Ici et ailleurs"
2008"L'AUTRE MOITIE", (90 min.) feature film by Rolando Colla, with the support of the MEDIA compensatory measures, of Filmfoundation Zurich, Suissimage, Swiss Ministry of Culture, Communauté francophone de Belgique, Fonds REGIO Films, Loterie Romande, Ville et canton de Genève. In coproduction with Swiss Television TSI, with Saga Film, Bruxelles and with Elefant Films, Genve. Coproduction Switzerland/Belgium.Theatrical distribution Canada: 7me art (premiere World Film Festival Montreal 2007) "Prix pour la meilleure interprétation masculine" au Festival du Film d'Amiens (F, 2007) à Kader Boukhanef & Abel Jafri; Best Feature at Gotham Screen Film Fest (USA) 2008
2011“GIOCHI D’ESTATE” (Summer games) (author, director), feature film 101 min.
With the support Suissimage, Swiss TV RSI, the Zurich Film Foundation, the MEDIA programme, the Italian Ministry of culture, the Italian tax credit and of Eurimages.
In coproduction with Swiss television RSI and arte.
Swiss - Italian coproduction with Classic srl., Italy.
Participation at ACE Ateliers du cinéma européen.

Distributor CH: Look now!
Distributor France: Rezo
Distributor Germany: Wild Bunch Germany
Distributor Spain: Alta Films
Distributor Thailand: J-Bics Entertainment
TV-sales: HBO Latin America
World sales: Rezo

3 Quartz 2012 (Swiss Film Prize) : Best script, best Photography and best film
and different other international prizes.
2012"EINSPRUCH VI" shortfilm by Rolando Colla (author and director). With the support of Federal office of culture, Zürcher Filmstiftung and Succès Passages Antennes. Première @ Solothurner Filmtage 2012
* Special Prize of the Jury @Clermont-Ferrand, France 2012,
* Nomination for European Film prize
and about 20 other int. prizes.
Invited to more than 60 int. festivals.
since 2012Member of the European Film Academy
2013„DAS BESSERE LEBEN IST ANDERSWO“ (A Better Life is Elsewhere), documentary long film, 90 min. (author, director). Supported by Swiss Ministry of Culture (development), DEZA, Zürich Cinema foundation.
In coproduction with Swiss Television SRF. Long-term project. Premiere @ Visions du Réel, Nyon, Switzerland: April 2012
invited to the festivals in Busan Hof, Biarritz, Krakow etc.
release CH January 2013 (Distributor: Filmcoopi)
2014"LIEBE UND ZUFALL", (co-author) 100', feature film by Fredi Murer.  
With the support of Succès Zurich, Succès cinéma and the Federal Office of culture.
In coproduction with Swiss TV SRF and Teleclub.
In coproduction with Vega Film and FMM Film.
Release October 2014 (Vega Distribution)
2015"UNTER DER HAUT" (What's Between Us), (co-author) feature film by Claudia Lorenz. With the support of Succès Zurich, SSA Stipendium, Suissimage, Zürcher Filmstiftung and the Federal Office of culture.
In coproduction with Swiss TV SRF.
Release CH: February 2015 (Xenix Film Distribution)
World premiere @ Palm Springs Film Festival 01/15
2016"SETTE GIORNI" (7 DAYS), feature film (author and director),
shooting in May/June 2014, in post-production.
With the support of Federal office of culture, Zurich Film Foundation, Suissimage, Succès Passages Antennes, Succès cinéma, Italian Ministero dei Beni e delle Attività Culturali e del Turismo, Italian Tax credit, Regione Sicilia - Sicilia Film commission, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Focal stage pool.
In coproduction with Swiss TV RSI, SSR-SRG and with arte.
In coproduction with Solaria Film and Movimento Film (I).
Distributor CH: Filmcoopi.
Release in fall 2016.
"IO SONO GAETANO", tv-movie (author and director),
supported by Teleproduktions-Fonds, Repubblica e cantone Ticino - Dipartimento dell'educazione, della cultura e dello sport, Apulia FIlm commission, Succès cinéma, Succès passage antenne, Ufficio federale della cultura - Mediadesk Svizzera, Ernst Göhner Stiftung and Focal stage pool. 
In coproduction with RSI. World sales: Bubble Media.
2019"QUELLO CHE NON SAI DI ME" feature film, script Marina Guerrini, Rolando Colla and Roberto Scarpetti, with the support of Succès Zurich and Succès cinéma, Federal Office of Culture, Regional fund and Filmcommission Ticino, City of Bellinzona, Italian Ministry of Culture MIBACT. In coproduction with Solaria Film (Italy), Axman Productions (Czech Republic) and with Little Monster GmbH (CH).
Première @ Zurich FIlm Festival 2019

2020"W. - WHAT REMAINS OF THE LIE", a long-term documentary, with the support of Swiss Federal Office of culture, Zurich Film Foundation, Volkart Stiftung, Succès Zurich and Succès Passage antennes. In coproduction with Little Monster GmbH and with Swiss TV SRF and SRG SSR.
Released in Swiss Germany on 12 of Novmber 2020 (distributor: Filmcoopi)